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Condicionais Exercícios Tipos 1, 2 e 3

Conditional sentences: type I

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tenses.
1 If I see him I (give) him a lift.
2 The table will collapse if you (stand) on it.
3 If he (eat) all that he will be ill. 4 If I find your passport I (telephone) you at once.
5 The police (arrest) him if they catch him.
6 If he (read) in bad light he will ruin his eyes.
7 Someone (steal) your car if you leave it unlocked.
8 What will happen if my parachute (not open)?
9 If he (wash) my car I'll give him Ј10. 10 If she (need) a radio she can borrow mine.
11 If you (not go) away I'll send for the police.
12 I'll be very angry if he (make) any more mistakes.
13 If he (be) late we'll go without him.
14 She will be absolutely furious if she (hear) about this.
15 If you put on the kettle I (make) the tea.
16 If you give my dog a bone he (bury) it at once.
17 If we leave the car here it (not be) in anybody's way.
18 He'll be late for the train if he (not start) at once.
19 If you come late they (not let) you in.
20 If he (go) on telling lies nobody will believe a word he says.
21 Unless he (sell) more he won't get much commission.
22 If I lend you $10 when you (repay) me?
23 We'll have to move upstairs if the river (rise) any higher.
24 If he (work) hard today can he have a holiday tomorrow?
25 Ice (turn) to water if you heat it.
26 If the house (burn) down we can claim compensation.
27 If you (not like) this one I'll bring you another.
28 Unless you are more careful you (have) an accident.
29 Tell him to ring me up if you (see) him.
30 If I tell you a secret, you (promise) not to tell it to anyone else?
31 If you (not believe) what I say, ask your mother.
32 If he (like) the house will he buy it?
33 If you will kindly sit down I (make) enquiries for you.
34 Unless I have a quiet room I (not be able) to do any work. 35 She won't open the door unless she (know) who it is. 36 Should you require anything else please (ring) the bell for the attendant.

Conditional sentences: type 2

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tenses.
1 If I had a typewriter I (type) it myself. 
2 If I (know) his address I'd give it to you.
3 He (look) a lot better if he shaved more often.
4 If you (play) for lower stakes you wouldn't lose so much.
5 If he worked more slowly he (not make) so many mistakes.
6 I shouldn't drink that wine if I (be) you.
7 More tourists would come to this country if it (have) a better climate.
8 If I were sent to prison you (visit) me?
9 If someone (give) you a helicopter what would you do with it?
10 I (buy) shares in that company if I had some money.
11 If he (clean) his windscreen he'd be able to see where he was going.
12 If you drove your car into the river you (be able) to get out?
13 If you (not belong) to a union you couldn't get a job.
14 If I (win) a big prize in a lottery I'd give up my job.
15 What you (do) if you found a burglar in your house?
16 I could tell you what this means if I (know) Greek.
17 If everybody (give) Ј1 we would have enough.
18 He might get fat if he (stop) smoking.
19 If he knew that it was dangerous he (not come).
20 If you (see) someone drowning what would you do?
21 I (be) ruined if I bought her everything she asked for. –
22 If you slept under a mosquito net you (not be) bitten so often.
23 I could get a job easily if I (have) a degree.
24 If she (do) her hair differently she might look quite nice.
25 If we had more rain our crops (grow) faster.
26 The whole machine would fall to pieces if you (remove) that screw
27 I (keep) a horse if I could afford it. '
28 I'd go and see him more often if he (live) on a bus route.
29 If they (ban) the sale of alcohol at football matches there might be less violence.
30 I (offer) to help if I thought I'd be any use. '
31 What would you do if the lift (get) stuck between two floors?
32 If you (paint) the walls white the room would be much brighter.
33 If you (change) your job would it affect your pension?
34 If you knew you had only six weeks to live how you (spend) those six weeks?
35 You wouldn't have so much trouble with your car if you (have) it serviced regularly. 36 I'd climb over the wall if there (not be) so much broken glass on t of it.

Conditional sentences: type 3

Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tenses.
  1. If I had known that you were in hospital I (visit) you.
  2. The ground was very soft. But for that, my horse (win).
  3. If you (arrive) ten minutes earlier you would have got a seat.
  4. You would have seen my garden at its best if you (be) here last week.
  5. But for his quickness I (be) killed.
  6. I shouldn't have believed it if I (not see) it with my own eyes.
  7. If he had slipped he (fall) 500 metres.
  8. If he had asked you, you (accept)?
  9. If I (had) a map I would have been all right.
  10. If I (know) that you were coming I'd have baked a cake.
  1. I (offer) to help him if I had realized that he was ill. If you had left that wasp alone it (not sting) you.
  2.  If I (realize) what a bad driver you were I wouldn't have come with you.
  3. If I had realized that the traffic lights were red I (stop). But for the fog we (reach) our destination ages ago.
  4. If you had told me that he never paid his debts I (not lend) him the money.
  5. But fog the fog  we ( reach) our destination ages ago.
  6. If you had told me that he never pays his debts, I (no lend) him the money
  7. If you (not sneeze) he wouldn't have known that we were there.
  8. If you (put) some mustard in the sandwiches they would have tasted better.
  9. The hens (not get) into the house if you had shut the door.
  10.  If he had known that the river was dangerous he (not try) to swim across it.
21 If you (speak) more slowly he might have understood you.
22 If he had known the whole story he (not be) so angry.
23 I shouldn't have eaten it if I (know) that there was ginger in it.
24 If I (try) again I think that I would have succeeded.
25 You (not get) into trouble if you had obeyed my instructions.
26 If you hadn't been in such a hurry you (not put) sugar into the sauce instead of salt.
27 If I (be) ready when he called he would have taken me with him.
28 She had a headache; otherwise she (come) with us.
29 If she had listened to my directions she (not turn) down the wrong street.
30 If you (look) at the engine for a moment you would have seen what was missing.
31 Rome (be captured) by her enemies if the geese hadn't cackled.
32 He would have been arrested if he (try) to leave the country.
33 I (take) a taxi if I had realized that it was such a long way.
34 You (save) me a lot of trouble if you had told me where you were going.
35 They would have forced their way into the house if I (not call) for help.
36 If he had put out his pipe before putting it in his pocket he (not burn) a hole in his coat.

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